Hi, my name is Andy White, and this is my personal website.

I live in Erie, Colorado (near Boulder) with my wife and three kids, and I work as a full-stack software developer.

I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life - I was born in Denver, grew up mostly in Colorado Springs, and then bounced around the Denver metro area in my adult life.

I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, and studied Electrical/Computer Engineering. After working in robotics, control systems, and circuits labs in college, and frying my fair share of circuit boards and components, I opted to pursue a career in software development rather than electrical things. I love software development because all you need is a computer, and you can do so many different things.

In my career, I’ve used a variety of languages, including C, C++, Perl, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Haxe, Scala, PureScript, Haskell, and ReasonML. My current interest is in pure, typed functional programming languages and concepts. The world of functional programming has opened my eyes to so many new and powerful concepts, I’m excited to continue learning, applying the ideas, and growing my understanding.

In my spare time, I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids, and I enjoy biking, playing guitar, and kayaking. (Or I’d like to enjoy those things if I could find any spare time.)

You can find me online on GitHub, sometimes on Twitter and Facebook, and almost never on LinkedIn.